wine making as an art form 
Kathleen Conway is the originating woman wine maker and food culturalist in Paso Robles as well as winery proprietor.  
She grew up with the land since the age of three, and in her early twenties Kathleen was among the first to plant a noble, natural grape vine, nurture a vineyard, and establish the Westside Wine phenomenon.  
Kathleen is the first woman trailblazer launching the food and wine culture of Paso Robles, especially introducing Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil to the Central Coast!  Kathleen has also turned balsamic vinegars into a delightful art form  
Kathleen launched the management of esteemed Carmody McKnight vineyard and winery 23 years ago.  She established ~ for the area... now a viticultural Mecca ~ the overarching philosophy of estate, responsible, natural wine creation.  
From the beginning, Kathleen inspired her family and classic winemaker, Greg Cropper, to remain resolutely faithful to their special legacy and for wine to provide not only joy and celebration but life-long well-being.
Kathleen's Oil Portrait by Her Father Adorn the Label of Her Revered Late Harvest Cabernet Franc.
The wines of Kathleen as well as Carmody McKnight Estate Wines stand head and shoulders above most all of the wineries in the world in respect to "natural" health-conscionable winemaking from viticulture to vinology.  
Natural?  Yes, natural... and super organic.
The way great wine was always made and should be made ~ especially in this day ~ if we are to call it "wine" at all.  
Wine ideology and principles aside, Kathleen has always demonstrated a sparkling spirit regarding wine, energized by a wonderful sense of joy and genuine thoughtfulness to all.  In French it is called joie de vivre ~ a zest for life.  
Kathleen Ready to Saddle Up in the Days Before the Vineyard...
For Kathleen the Love of Horses Has Only Grown!
Almost twenty years ago Kathleen began to create her assemblage of tantalizing Kathleen late harvest and dessert wines... again an original undertaking in the Paso Robles area.   
Kathleen's luscious seductive wines were created like no other late harvest -- without manipulation, no GMO grapes and not-so-funny wine lab tricks.  
This cannot be understated since the recent tradition of producing late harvest and dessert wines has been about wine from hybrid mutant grapes, loads of sugar, and false flavors from barrel and chemical additives.  
Pure, natural, dessert wines from natural grapes is a rarity!
It all starts in the vineyard.  If you get that right...everything good follows!
    Marian Conway, a revered Miss America, brings motherly advice to many decisions.
  2. NANA
    My great grandmother. Nana was born in Sicily and on her own joined her beloved Angelo in the U.S. Nana loved to cook... non-stop. Like all Italians wine and olive oil were always on the table. I have those genes.
    Tucker is a champ and the official greeter at the Tasting Room. Tanner, a rescue dog, would like to help, but he is very shy,,, but very cute.
    My good friend. Bob loves the vineyard hills and trails. He also likes to lead Blaze, Sonny D, and Jackson; sometimes our alpacas want to follow along. My father made this drawing of Bob... he is pretty!
Our vineyard source, a pristine land, now known to lie prominently in the Premium Wine Growing Area of the United States if not the world, has evolved into a legendary vineyard.  Legendary is an understatement as the land was tectonically formed 26-million years ago by three volcanoes emerging in lava fire from out of an inland sea. 
From this ultimate power we now find supersoils and wonder soils seen nowhere else on the planet.  The volcano trio, amazingly, exists within the 160-acre property lines, and the natural grapes actually grow in the magma! 
We are family farm proprietors, and I have administrated our winery for over 20 years. The family has brought deep passions and hands-in-the-earth commitment to the farm, but perhaps more importantly we continue to write in the boldest script that creativity and  sensitivity, if not awe, directs us each and every day.
The vineyard is the composer; the vineyard is the artist.  As with all art, creativity starts at the source. .. with wine it is the soil... the vines.
Winemaking must be holistic.  From the vines to cellar... there needs to be a consistent story.
Of all foods, wine has had the most meaning and impact in civilization.  It still should be that way.