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Live Naturally and Deliciously
Tuscan Olive Oil  Kathleen was the first to plant Tuscan olive trees on the Central Coast.  Beyond her original Tuscan Oil, Kathleen created a grand group of artisan oils infused with natural flavors to bring culinary diversity and creativity to your kitchen and to your life and well-being. Each bottle is farm-crafted, hand labeled and waxed, and infused with joy!

Healthy Always Delicious
Classic Balsamic Vinegars  Kathleen also delights in originating unique and FLAVORFULL artisan Balsamic Vinegars derived from wine... with labels bright and colorful.  All her bottles are truly hand-crafted.  Have fun with these, to cheer up every dish and provide seductive variety.  But then combine!

Healthy More Delicious
Yes, combine these classic olive oils and balsamic vinegars, naturally and creatively.  Mix and match and come up with your own beautiful salad dressing and other food tantalizers. 
As a salad dressing this culinary combo will not contain the typical ingredients of the chemical junk found in your store-bought salad dressing.  Salad dressing?  Hell no!  Go natural! 
The following chemicals are the last thing you want on any salad!   And who needs them?!
Genetically modified oils:  GMO soy or canola oil (frankenoil!).  Others contain a blend of cheap vegetable oils, high in omega-6s, which promote inflammation in the body.
High fructose corn syrup: High fructose corn syrup is genetically modified and is worse than white sugar and should be banned from our diets.
Artificial sweeteners: Plenty of studies have shown links between artificial sweeteners and various types of cancer. Most artificial sweeteners are also derived from GMOs.
Artificial colors: In most salad dressings, the color doesn’t come from real fruits or ingredients but from artificial food colorings. Red #40 has been linked to ADHD in children, Yellow 5 may cause allergic reactions, and caramel color, a common ingredients used in creamy dressings, has been linked to cancer.
MSG: Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is a food additive that enhances flavors. It has been linked to migraines in humans and nerve damage in animals. MSG can also be hidden under many different names such as maltodextrin and autolyzed yeast extract.
EDTA: This chemical helps to bind the metals that are found in the dressing due to the production process to avoid reactions and problems in the body. This chemical can cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, and kidney damage.
Potassium Sorbate: A preservative that will keep dressings “fresh” for months unrefrigerated.
Titanium dioxide: It’s a chemical found in the paint industry that is commonly used in salad dressings to make the ingredients look fresher. This chemical may also contain lead.

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